Feed your head

We believe in Innovation and Connection as key foundations for personal and professional growth.

Due ragazzi che progettano insieme

Our Vision

We aspire to be the beating heart of ideas, the place where they come to life, giving rise to unique moments of exchange and togetherness. A landmark for those seeking inspiration and opportunities, starting from Palermo and reaching out to the rest of the world. We achieve this with the backing of Magnisi, an independent Venture Studio that supports startups and entrepreneurs, inside Magnisi Studio, a unique workspace that connects people and helps them evolve.




The connection between people is crucial for building a cohesive and collaborative community. This connection can lead to new ideas, business opportunities, and lasting relationships.



At Magnisi, our essence is to foster both professional and personal growth, creating opportunities for exchange through interactions with others and the events we organize.



Al Magnisi la propensione alla creazione è sempre viva e presente, si respirano idee, si facilitano dibattiti, si condividono esperienze, si uniscono competenze per dare vita a progetti innovativi ispirando chi entra nella nostra community.



A place where those who arrive are not the same when they leave, because they have met new people, listened to new ideas and stories, spent hours in a place where they encounter new people every day and new things happen.



We encourage inspiration in every way and through every available channel – our website, social media, digital and cultural events. Because when we’re inspired, we’re driven to do extraordinary things and surpass our limits.



Everything that individuals and teams could desire from a workplace: spaces for discussions, quieter rooms, phone booths, meeting rooms, auditorium-style seating, tables, and couches for snacking, enjoying a coffee, or a glass of wine.