Join us, create connections, and redefine your way of working. Open the doors to innovation and be amazed. The future awaits you at Magnisi Studio in Palermo!

Work Desk

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Work at Magnisi Studio

Discover the perfect workplace right in the heart of Palermo. Magnisi Studio offers you the most flexible solutions to organize your workdays. Single workstations, entire tables, meeting rooms, phone booths.

Dine & Drinks

Enjoy your time at Magnisi Studio to the fullest

Treat yourself to a special break in our café and be tempted by a light and nourishing lunch, the best way to recharge your energy. Or join us for an aperitif, savor a glass of Sicilian wine, and unwind. Our café, open all day, offers the finest local products. The perfect space to stop by, even just for a coffee, and experience the atmosphere of Magnisi Studio. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Experience the Events at Magnisi Studio

Don’t miss out on the exclusive events organized regularly within our space. Every week, there are new opportunities to expand your network, meet interesting people, and learn something new. Join our community and be inspired. And if you want to organize your own event, contact us, we’ll be happy to help you create a unique moment!



The perfect venue for any type of event. The three areas of the co-working space (Café, Networking, and Work) offer extensive customization to adapt to all specific needs. This allows for organizing events with maximum comfort, making the most of all available space.



At Magnisi Studio, we have two Meeting Rooms that can comfortably host up to 20 people each in theater-style seating or 12 people seated around a table. This setup is perfect for small-scale corporate events, offering a private and intimate atmosphere.



The Magnisi Studio café is ready to support your events. Choose your preferred dishes from our menu, and we’ll take care of the rest.



Grow your network at Magnisi Studio

Networking is the key to personal and professional success. Join our inclusive and inspiring Community; here you’ll find advice, collaborations, and new friendships to foster lasting relationships. Welcome to a world of limitless opportunities!